Description of Work Desired:
3D Water Gardens, Bringing the Best to Your Backyard

Water Gardens are quickly becoming the symbol of backyard entertainment. There is something about water that draws people, and when it's interacting with plants and friendly colorful fish, your backyard literally becomes an oasis, that you can escape to, unwind, and enjoy nature.3D Water Gardens can bring you more in a number of ways:


Quality begins with the materials we use. Simply put, you get what you put in and we believe the materials you chose can make adifference in your end product. All carefully selected, we use higher end products in order to construct a first rate water feature. This is done for all our designs. Whether it be a small waterfall or your own lake, 3D Water Gardens will be happy to install it professionally, economically, and properly. This quality extends throughout the work performed. With years of training in this art, you can be assured that when it comes to our construction, our team's quality is head and shoulders above the rest. With technical experience and noted attention to detail, our construction team is hand picked and in our opinion an all star team.


When you want the best, great quality and service are expected. We deliver even more. When it comes to your accent feature or your main backyard focal point, we understand that every feature should be built as it if it was our own. We are imaginative and can incorporate aesthetic and functional elements from stepping stones, feeding rocks, accent lighting, and other items necessary to make you say "WOW."


We take service seriously. For us the sale is completed when you are feeding your fish, not when the contract is signed. As a sister company to 3D Brick Paving Inc., we recognize that great service is part great people, and part smart process. We have created a practice that incorporates both. This means that each project is assigned a construction manager who meets with the client regularly. We have built in processes for minimizing downtime with proactive methods. For the customer, this means timeliness matters and you get a high quality job.